Youth Encounter Night

A Concert and Talent Night
RCCG Philippines

We want everyone to realize that worship isn’t limited to singing or to songs, but that it’s a lifestyle we live through our daily lives in whatever we do.

Guitars, drums, piano, bass; these are all instruments that are used in praise bands during worship. Just as how singers can use their voices to sing worship songs to God, dancers can use their bodies as an instrument to worship God.


Maximum member of 10, minimum member of 6


Must represent a Christian Church, with Senior Pastor's endorsement letter.


Maximum routine length is 5 minutes


All cheer stunts and pyramids are prohibited


All tosses are not allowed

Scoring system

Performance Criteria

Performance criteria is 60% of the total score.

Creativity (10)


Spacing, formation, staging (10)


Entertainment value (10)


Variety of styles (10)


Connection to the theme (20)

Skills criteria

Skills criteria is 40% of the total score.

Musicality, must be all christian music (10)


Timing (10)


Execution (10)


Difficulty of styles (10)

Summary of deductions

Incomplete crew members upon start of the routine (1)


Grandstanding (staying on the stage for too long (beyond 30 seconds) before and after performance) (1)


Major fall per occurrence (unrecoverable stunt, lift or support) (1)


Minor fall per occurrence (highly noticeable accidental error: trips, falls, stumbles) (0.5)


Boundaries (not within the boundary lines/occurrence) (0.5)


MusicNot within the required time/length (1)


Inappropriate language per occurrence (1)


Steps (Lewd gestures and movement per occurrence) (1)


Attire & props (per occurrence)Use of prohibited props (1)


Tossed clothing (1)


Used of prohibited attire (head to toe) (1)


Tumbling violations (per occurrence) (1)


Dance lifts/partnering violations (per occurrence) (1)

Application Form
The Redeemed Christian Church of God

  RCCG Philippines

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